did post his before but it’s ended up in the game pretty much as is so I put it up on soundcloud in honour of the game’s pre-release showing at the Indie Launch Party last night at the London Game Space.

Ace Maverick by Futureworks Studios is scheduled for release on IOS and Mac in the next couple of months. Exciting times! Here are a few clips of Ace and other games at the event:

Develop Conference Jam Brighton

This is just an (overlong!) intro sequence to the a low poly wipEout style pier racer - I’ll post some more soon!

Some pics from GBS Game Jam…

It was a great couple of days spent with some really lovely people creating something very fun and silly. We had a team of six - 2 programmers, 3 arty types and one sound guy (me!)

In our game, Sunshi*e, you assume the role of a summer god who must spread summer across the land, hopping between pools of summer sun and, er, crapping on things to bring them to summer-y life.

Although I didn’t have much to do with the dev side of things, it was interesting witnessing the programmers and 3D guys using the browser based collaborative dev environment Playcanvas instead of the de facto jammers choice, Unity 3D.

Oh, and here’s the remix of the 100 year old English folk tune “Country Garden” I cooked up for the game:

2nd place at the Great British Summer Game Jam

So the Jam hath ended… it was a great 48hrs at Mind Candy’s offices here in London. Friendly staff, lots of free food, coffee and wifi and of course making games.

Above is the theme we ended up using (out of two I made) for our game, Sunshi*e. In keeping with the jam’s theme (British Summertime) it’s a very British tune - it’s actually a 100+ year old song called Country Gardens collected by Cecil Sharpe in 1906, an ethno-musicologist who thought it was essential  to record traditional folk songs before they were lost to time.

Not sure what he, or the original singer William Kimber, would think of what use we made of the tune but I would hope they’d at least appreciate the effort to keep the music alive :)

Artwork by Daniela Attard

it was really just a matter of time before this kind of thing started to happen

Small Armor RELEASED




It’s a small two-player versus multiplayer game I made over the course of a few days!

Also I’ve got a Patreon going now! c: If you’d like to support me or just take a look, feel free!

image  http://www.patreon.com/fromsmiling

Thank you so much forever!!

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fromsmiling is one of my international game buddies, and a super creative one too :)